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Yes people! It is I. No, no! Don’t be shocked.  This is my first step towards returning to blogging normalcy. Regular posting will resume. I regret not having written a word in months, but circumstances were such that the writing side of me was forced to go on a long, indefinite hike. Now, after scaling the highest mountain and swimming the deepest of seas, he’s on his way back! So, here’s a little something, a poetic endeavor (as I would like to call it), a herald to a blissful blogging era that shall begin very soon. This poetic fit is the aftermath of witnessing a snow storm that is currently raging across northeastern United States. Never thought winter would inspire me so! Here goes –

As yule draws nigh,

So do the times of joy,

As little poufs of white,

Embark on an earthly flight,

The earth wears a wintry pall,

Which bares nothing at all,

Winds wade through the snow,

Flakes waltzing as they blow,

Homes light a friendly fire,

To battle the cold so dire,

Children clad in wool and hide,

On the kerbs and streets they stride,

Along their path for miles,

Many a snowman bows and smiles,

And gleefully greets  you as you go,

Happy Holidays Ho Ho Ho!!

As many who live in the northern and mountainous regions of the world would disagree, for me this winter snow is beautiful beyond words and a white wonder that pours out of the sky every year!