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Namaskaram! Namaskara! Namaskar! Vanakkam!

Bhelcome! This time, I’m back with an ‘elephantine’ bang (pun intended)! Today is the most auspicious (pron. aas-pee-sus) day according to the ‘Chaandramaana Panchaangam’ (Lunar Calendar). It is the day the three-eyed, trident wielding Lord and His divinely beautiful, emerald-hued consort blessed themselves with a son! It is the Haappee budday of one of the gods I am most fond of, also one of the most lovable ones – the remover of obstacles, the chief of the Pramadha ganas, the elephant-headed, the adorable – GANAPATI! This is, wishing Him MONEY HAAPPEE RITTUNS AAF THE DAY! YAYYY!! *pretending to feast on kudumulu, undraallu, pulihora, paayasam*

This reminds me of something that happened this morning. Rather strange, but pleasant. I was strolling through the beautiful, quaint streets of Manoviharapuri, a sleepy town nestled in the lofty mountains of Ooharajya. It is a place I often head off to when I need some time for myself. It is an idyllic place, untouched by the madness that plagues the rest of the world. Tranquil, unspoiled, picturesque – ideal setting for anyone seeking solitude. My mind wandered off as I walked. I was in peace with myself. As I ambled through the town, marveling at its rustic beauty, I ran into an old friend of mine. He recognized me instantly. At first, I couldn’t place him, but it eventually struck me. It was a very pleasant surprise. We hadn’t been in touch for a while, honestly speaking, a long while. I noticed that he hadn’t changed a bit! I knew him really well and for a long time at that. Their house was my second home. His parents are the nicest people I’ve ever known. He has an uber-cool brother too. Wonderful family!

He and I had a lot to talk about, lot to catch up with, but time was a major resource I lacked. How unfortunate. I run into a good friend of mine after an aeon and I don’t have the time for him. Indeed, how unfortunate! Anyway, this is the brief conversation we engaged in, or roughly so:

Him: Hey Karthik! Wassup man? Long time no see!

Me: O MY GOD! Is that really you. I thought I’d never get to see you again. What a pleasant surprise. I’m good. How’ve you been? (A firm hand-shake and a friendly hug)

Him: Fabulous! But you look famished, what’s wrong? Are you on a hunger strike for some lost cause or something?

Me: O come on! It’s not that bad. I’m fine, at least I don’t get laughed at for clumsily tripping over while picking up food, unlike someone here. (tongue-in-cheek)

Him: Yea yea! You only get laughed at when you can’t even pick up the food, coz it’s too heavy for you.

Me: (laughing) You haven’t changed one bit man! Your quips, your dry sense of humor – Everything’s just the same! So, how are mom and dad?

Him: They’re fine. The usual, too much work and all that. My brother’s married now.

Me: Wow!! Congratulations! Where is he? What’s he doing?

Him: He lives with my parents and works with my dad.

Me: Happily married huh? Nice! So……what brings thee hither?

Him: I’m always here dude! I also know that you come here quite often, for the peace and quiet you so crave. In fact, I tried contacting you many a time, but you never respond. Soooo ‘you’! (nodding his head)

Me: Really? I’m sorry man! When I’m here, I’m as good as dead. I’m unreachable. Besides, I’m lost most of the time and you know that.

Him: Out of my reach too? Come on man! There was a time when you and I were inseparable. The best of friends, that made the world go green with envy!

Me: I know, and I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch. I sooo regret that now. Anyway, I’m glad I ran into you.

Him: Yea, me too. So, what are you up to these days?

Me: (I give him a complete run-down on my status quo.) How ’bout you?

Him: I’m a full-time counselor, consultant.

Me: Business consulting? I thought you headed your dad’s company.

Him: Yea, I do. But part-time. I run a counseling center, where I deal with clients with all kinds of problems, not just business. I counsel everybody – businessmen, troubled kids, engineers, organizations, everyone! I cater to everybody. And it’s all free of charge! I get a lot of generous donations, so no one faces a forced financial burden, neither the client, nor me.

Me: Really? Counseling? And free of charge too? SPLENDID!! Do you take up education, career counseling as well?

Him: Career and Education is an exclusive department. I have a 100% success record. You need help? I’m here.

Me: Wow! Good for you dude. Tum tho chha gaye. So, where are you located? May be I’ll drop by sometime. I need help with a lot of issues.

Him: I’m everywhere. The consultancy is headquartered in Maharashtra though, near Pune. I have eight major centers there. I have one major office in AP, a few in Karnataka and TN and many more across the country. I’ve even gone international. I run centers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and elsewhere. I have franchisees in Tibet and South East Asia. I go everywhere, not just to the offices. I’ve travelled a lot. I still do and always will. Lot of work you know.

Me: I understand. It’s a lot of work indeed. And yea, I’ll come by sometime.

Him: Sure, any time dude! Here’s my card. You can avail yourself of the tele-service as well. Lines are open 24*7. There’s a toll-free line or you could also call me personally, if things require immediate attention. I can do some counseling right now, if you please. I can tell, you’re stressed out.

Me: Thanks man, this was helpful enough, knowing that there’s someone I could turn to in times of need. I’ll certainly drop by. I can’t promise you a time, but I’ll come. I’ll surely come. Thanks a ton dude! You are God, I tell you!

Him: O Please! You’re embarrassing me. You know my doors are always open to you. Walk in any time, call me any time! Any kind of help, do not hesitate to ask! Ok?

Me: Ok. I’ll call you before I come.

Him: Sure. Anytime! So, what else is new? Love life?

Me: Long story man! Don’t get me started on that now, I’m in no mood to pine and brood. I’ll tell you when you counsel me. How ’bout you?

Him: Happily married!

Me: WHAAAT!! When did that happen?

Him: Long story! Will tell you when I counsel you! (wink)

Me: Clever! And congratulations to you. Anyhow, I gotta run. My vacation’s over and I have to get back to the grind. It was really nice talking to you after so long! I’ll keep in touch and I’ll see you soon. Give my regards to your parents and your brother, of course, the missus. I hope to see them too sometime.

Him: Certainly. Take care! You remember what I told you.

Me: Yea, I will. And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Him: Thanks! You remember?

Me: Of course, I do. And I run into you on this day? I mean, what are the odds!

Him: Thanks a lot! I’ll see you soon!

Me: Bye!

By now, I’m sure you’ve guessed who my buddy is, to the point of certainty. After that pleasant rendezvous, I’ve been fishing around for a good picture of him and me. I didn’t find any, with the two of us. But, what I did find was this one picture that I made, with this very hand that He gave me! Here it is –


Thanks dude!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again!

Here’s a little poem in Telugu, that my mom taught me as a kid. This is for you.

తొండమునేకదంతమును తోరపుబొజ్జయు వామహస్తమున్

toMDamunEkadantamunu tOrapubojjayu vaamahastamun

మెండుగమ్రోయుగజ్జెలు మెల్లనిచూపుల మందహాసమున్

menDugamrOyugajjelu mellanichoopula mandahaasamun

కొండొకగొజ్జురూపమును కోరినవిద్యలకెల్లనొజ్జవైయుండెడి

konDokagojjuroopamunu kOrinavidyalakellanojjavaiyunDeDi

పార్వతీతనయా! ఓయి గణాధిపా! నీకు మ్రొక్కెదన్

paarvateetanayaa! Oyi gaNaadhipaa! neeku mrokkedan

Word-to-word meaning: “toMDamunEkadantamunu” splits up as “toMDamunu” + “Ekadantmunu” – With a trunk and one tusk;  “tOrapubojjayu vaamahastamun” – “tOrapubojja” = a large belly, “vaamahastamun” = an assuring hand; “menDugamrOyugajjelu” – “menDuga” = a lot, in plenty, overflowing, “mrOyu” = ring, rattle, sound, “gajjelu” = ankle bells; “mellanichoopula” = squint-eyed; “mandahaasamun” = a perpetual smile; “konDokagojjuroopamunu” – “konDoka” = boy, lad, “gojju” = dwarf, “roopamu” = form, manifestation; “kOrinavidyalakellanojjavaiyunDeDi” – “kOrinavidyalaku” = for all desired knowledge, “ojja” = the foremost authority, “ai” = having become, “unDeDi” = that is, are (depending on the person of the pronoun); “paarvateetanayaa” = son of Parvati; “Oyi gaNaadhipaa” = O leader of the gaNaas; “neeku” = to you; “mrokkedan” = I salute.

Translation: Bearing a trunk and one tusk, a large belly and a reassuring hand, with overwhelming rings of ankle bells, a squint and a perpetual smile. In the form of a boy-dwarf, you are the supreme authority of all desirable knowledge, O Son of Parvati! O Leader of the gaNaas! I salute you!

O, I completely forgot! Here’s how you can contact my friend Kaanipaakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Sastry (K. V. V. Sastry):

Need Help of any kind? Call NOW!!


Landline: vakratuMDa mahaakaaya sooryakOTi samaprabha, nirvighnam kurumEdEva sarvakaaryEshu sarvadaa.

Cell: Om Ekadantaaya vidmahE vakratunDaaya dheemahi, tannO dantih prachOdayaat.

Avail yourself of this service! It costs nothing, but offers a lot in return! A very nice man, Mr. K. V. V. Sastry.


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