C’est moi!!

Neninthe (I yam like this vonly!): An avid and devout music enthusiast/student, a voracious reader, a wannabe relentless writer – a sinfully lazy guy who’s trying hard to be all three at the same time! Annoyingly skeptical, perpetually knowledge-hungry, ravenous food-lover, addictive wiki-surfer, adventurously outdoorsy (debatable!), tiresome traveler, an absolute and complete sucker for Science, History, Arts, Food, Films and Languages. Therefore, my ramblings here might range from the most mundane and trivial to the most sensitive issues plaguing the society; from a keen analysis of history to imaginative and outlandish mythology; from arts and language to utterly useless rants and cribs. Intermittently, I might just slip into a seemingly endless state of torpidity. But let it be known that all such bouts of silence will eventually be broken by a come-back rant!

So, If you –

  • Like what you read – Thank you and please do not hesitate to leave a few words of appreciation and encouragement. They go a long way in helping me keep this page alive. Call me whatever, but I don’t mind hustling for comments!
  • Don’t like what you read – Criticism is a part of the learning process. So, healthy criticisms are always welcome. Your opinions do count, but if you have nothing to say – Thanks a lot for stopping by. BUT PLEASE, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE FOR PROFANITY OR POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS ON MY BLOG! ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PERSONAL ATTACKS DIRECTED AT ANYONE IN ANY FORM. I’m an eternal pacifist and I intend to remain so. Do not provoke me!

Also, if you are among –

  • First Time Stoppers-by – Swaagatam! Welcome! Khushaamadeed! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Benvenuto! Marhaba! Dobro Pozhalovat! Huanying! Yokoso! Hope to see you among the ‘Returning Loyalists’! (At least the eleven tongue ‘welcome’ should bring you back, if nothing else!)
  • Returning Loyalists – Love you all! You guys inspire me the most. Thank you! *Hugs
  • Lurkers Anonymous – Hello? Come on out! I know you’re there!

Post-u Script-u:My moniker ‘Sthitapragnya‘ and it’s meaning might seem misleading, entirely removed and divorced from the content of this blog, and I assure you that it totally is ‘misleading, entirely removed and divorced from the content of this blog’! The reason for choosing the moniker is purely fortuitous and random. I once found myself reading a translation of the second chapter of the ‘Bhagavadgita‘ and fell in love with the term ‘Sthitapragnya‘ meaning ‘Person of steady wisdom. Marks of the person of stable mind and his/her characteristics described.’ So, there! From my rants, it must be reasonably evident that I am no ‘Person of steady wisdom’! Therefore, the credit for the choice of moniker is owed entirely to its ‘cool-and-ethnic-sounding’ness factor and nothing else!

  1. buddy says:

    c’est moi? c’est rien! tu avoir dire quelque chose ici!

    est-ce que ce n’était pas assez symbolique? Non? 🙂

  2. kusublakki says:

    Love the new, fresh look to the blog!

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