A Stormy Night

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Batuku jeevuda!!, Ironies
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Suggestive title eh? I know! But, if you’re expecting any amount of sensually gratifying content in the ramble ahead, then please be prepared to be brutally thwarted in hope! It contains inordinate amounts of rant and rave more than anything else. The title is just a bait! So, now that you’ve taken the bait, swallow it! Well, in this case ‘Read it’!

With that cautionary beginning, I shall get right down to the nitty-gritty of the two ‘R’s I’ve promised.

For a full week ending last Friday, our little god-forsaken town in the purportedly ‘perpetually bright and sunny’ State of Florida, was physically abused (yes, you read that right!) by the whimsical weather. I stand testimony to the fact that this region of the US is not unfamiliar with Nature’s concepts of ‘rain’ and ‘storm’. It all began Thursday, March 26th. It rained and rained into late Sunday night. Then on Monday morning, the sun showed his face fleetingly. Just as we prepared to do the Mayan sun-dance in his praise, he got mobbed by the dark menacing clouds again. The clouds opened up, and it rained. It rained on and off without a moment of sunshine until the evening of Thursday, April 2nd, when the gods seemed to have lost it completely! The weather went insane! The met. dept. issued warnings through emails and other media, of a tornado and a severe thunderstorm. On the pretext of bad weather, I skipped work and stayed home.

At around 5.30-6 pm, I was rambling away on the phone with my clique. The sky roared and growled warning us mortals of the acute indigestion the clouds were having and then before we knew it, they threw up! The winds lived up to their unpredictability – whirlwinds were everywhere! The usual havoc ensued; fallen trees and power lines, blocked roads, and worst of all – power cuts! I was updating my friends on the goings on when the entire neighborhood blacked out (My first brush with ‘power cuts’ in the US, a long one at that!)! The cops and other service personnel drove around warning us to stay inside, seek refuge in an elevated location.  Our apartment is located in a trough and is vulnerable to flooding. So, my roommates and I decided to head to campus. We made a couple of calls to friends to arrange for a ride. We noticed we weren’t the only ones who had the brightest of ideas! (:|) A few calls later we found ourselves riding to campus amidst howling winds and piercing rains. We went straight to our roomie’s lab which was on the second floor of the CS dept. building.

About an hour later, the showers eased off a bit. The downpour wasn’t as heavy as they had begun, but the winds still blew strong. We were both starving and had to feed ourselves to survive the night. “Subway Zindabad!!’ we decided and stepped out with the one umbrella we had with us. As we walked, the wind came at us with all its love and literally blew us away and ripped our umbrella apart. The only vestiges of the umbrella we held were the staff and the ribs. Great!! Soaking wet, we got to Subway and guess what! They were only accepting cash (Great call Murphy!!)! The dash to the nearest ATM wasn’t as helpful in keeping us any drier, if anything, it even soaked the cash we were carrying. We dumped the battered umbrella as we walked out with our dinner. We entered the lab like two soggy, dripping noodles. We logged on from the computers in the lab and updated all friends on the status quo, all of whom had a hearty laugh at the ironies that played out.

The rest of the night was spent in clinging wet clothes on the decadently comfortable study tables with our bags for pillows! Aaah the bliss of sleeping in wet clothes!

8 am. The sun was out shining ever so brightly. It didn’t even seem that a storm had passed the previous night. My roomie and I got up to head home and as we left the lab we saw something which hit us like a lightning bolt – AN UMBRELLA! A black one, against the wall, in a corner, begging to be used! It had been lying there all night, and we went out with that decrepit two-dollar umbrella which died a horrible death leaving us dripping wet! Talk about stormy ironies! Cussing ensued.

At least we were lucky enough to find our apartment and belongings intact after a night of living like refugees. We didn’t have power until late afternoon though. Aah well, at least a peaceful end to a tempestuous night!

  1. buddy says:

    late aa vandhalum latest aa vare nee!

    besh besh!

    Nandri! Nandri! 🙂

  2. A&N says:

    SO funny man! 🙂 LOL, missed ya!

    Buddy is so right 😉

    – Nandini

    Tottttaaallll ‘aaawwww’ moment!! Vielen Danke! 🙂

  3. tangytrivia says:

    I refused to believe som who told me the tornado was bad … but later when I saw pics of Av, i realised how bad it was ….som and all did not take such drastic measures as you did and so not much drama 🙂

    May be we should’ve just stayed home, may be we overrated the strength of the storm!

  4. kusublakki says:

    Puke and Piss don’t go with rain, even if its heavy rain! Cha!

    Be glad that you didnt wake up with a terrible cold the next day. Must have really sucked to sleep in wet clothes!

    Well written post, really funny 🙂 even though u missed some really nice details 😉

    Well, rain should feel like rain, not like it’s going to wash you away! And only we know what it is to sleep in wet clothes! Thanks anyway! 😐

  5. Gradwolf says:

    Hahahaa, what a night and guess you chose to leave out the PG-13 stuff!

    And looks like Max is continuing his boycott of your blog…

    PG-13? Dude, the only PG-13 stuff was our cussing on top of our voices the next morning and nothing else. And Max will come, take it from me! At least to spite me he’ll come! The rebel, if you will, shall return! 😛

  6. chutney says:

    aiyo paavum 🙂 lol

    Ess, ess, ess! Paavum only! 😦

  7. naren says:


    Yes, please! Do laugh at my expense! 🙂

  8. creek says:

    wow, it struck me again and again…what a beautiful choice of words! bravo !
    where in florida were you talking about? gainesville was pretty peaceful !

    Thanks! And I’m talking about a town only 2 1/2 hrs from Gainesville, the capital, Tallahassee. Gainesville isn’t the only town in Florida you know! 😛 😀 No offence!

  9. Saranya says:

    aiyooo… I can imagine how you guys would have felt looking at the umbrella…
    I always thought I land up in such crazy/I-feel-dumbest situations…but glad to see someone else going thru the same thing! 🙂

    Welcome to the club!! 🙂

  10. Aditi says:

    man it wud have been fun to sleep in wet clothes na ?

    poor umbrella….u people r useless i say…2 guys cant even sight an umbrella which was lying in the corner…

    chi chi chi…

    😐 Thanks?!! And yes, wet clothes was real fun! You should try them once!

  11. Anjana says:

    this reminds me of the time a friend and i drove from DC to Richmond(VA) during a snowstorm :)) plus we had to catch a flight !

    A snowstorm??!! Woww!! I’m sure it was worse. Also, if there’s one thing that I haven’t seen in my 2 1/2+ yrs in the US, I would say ‘SNOW’!! 😦 But people tell me it’s no fun at all. I want to experience it nonetheless! 😛

  12. padmajav says:

    oh wow! whatte adventure! i’m sure i wouldn’t have survived the night, if i were u… i’m soooo terrified of thunder & lightning!!!

    Believe me! You wouldn’t want to be caught in a storm like this one! But honestly, thundering clouds are awesome, I wait for them to roar when it gets cloudy! 🙂

  13. Haha. Dude, the single gayest thing one can do in the US – other than holding hands with another man – is sharing an umbrella. Thank your stars that your American friends didn’t see you like that!

    I remember Hurricane Isabel from 2003, which resulted in total flooding, power loss and partial evacuation for a week. I ended up in my new apartment in a suburb 25 miles from where my friends lived with no phone, tv, stove or car! You were way luckier!

    Looks like you were a refugee in your own apartment! 😛

  14. Srividya says:

    It was a stormy night that day
    Rain pouring, the sun at bay
    Cold winds whipped,
    Electricity snipped,
    Wet and soggy, the land lay.

    Out there I spot, over the dale
    A couple hurrying in the gale
    Hurrying to the stands
    Umbrella in hands
    “Awwwww, the poor souls!” I wail.

    Oh heck … its only K and his roomie. Poem-abort. 😀

    That’s cruel! 😐 We spend a night in wet clothes and this is what we get!! Cha!

  15. srividya says:

    hahahhaaa sorry could not stop laughing specially when i read about the umbrella thingy… so finally had fun?

    Yes, yes!! A lot of fun!! You should try it too! 😐

  16. Swaroop V TK says:

    Karthik, nenu evaro gurthu vunnana?! If you dont remember, lets allow the suspense to play like Fake IPL player 🙂 mast article mama.
    This flair of writing beautiful articles is a gift and you got loads of it, buddy. ENJOY!!!

    Gurtu lekemi babu, ninnela marchipotanu!! Telikicherla Kandala Venkata Swaroop 🙂 Choosava poorti peruto saha gnyapakam unnvavu. Akhariki ila kanabaddavu, innella taravata!! Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  17. Ms Taggart says:

    First time here, and before I can even read the post, I must say, I like your blog title ! 🙂
    And nice to see Telugu words…

    Will be back after reading the posts!

  18. Ms Taggart says:

    Tempestuous indeed!

    Physical abuse ani chadivi, emo anukunna.. too much idi! 🙂
    Hydie has been literally being abused for the past couple of days.. but I’d say, Hyderabadis are enjoying the abuse.. :P.. its beautiful weather here!

  19. Foreign Desi says:

    hahaha at the umbrella thing 😛

    the only REAL storms we get around Canada are snow ones!

  20. Foreign Desi says:

    I passed an award your way on my blog

  21. liberalcynic says:

    Truly funny! Missed you for the longest time man! Keep writing…

  22. liberalcynic says:

    Damn I commented on the wrong post! U know what…apply my comment to wintry white ode!

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