A Kiss of Bliss

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Louwe
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“Tomorrow”, she lovingly whispered into the phone.

“I can’t wait to see you”, he said, struggling to contain his excitement.

“Me neither”, she admitted.

“Ok. I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow, then?” she asked expectantly.

“Yeah! 5? My place? We’ll think of a place for dinner when we meet. Ok?” he said.

“Alright. Good Night then.”

“Good Night!”

He smiled to himself as he hung up the phone. The smile never faded. It played on his lips the whole night as he eagerly awaited the next day. He bathed in a cascade of dreams. And then the sun shone. The golden beams nudged his eyes open to a bright new day.

He ran a student’s daily rat race with an unusual exuberance. The promise of a beautiful evening overrode all the drudgery. The clock struck 5. He got home, pranked himself out in his best, and waited for her. Soon enough, there she was. He gasped as she walked towards him, with the grace of a dancer, as her hair gave in to the whims of the gentle breeze. With an irresistible smile, she walked straight into his arms. His joy knew no bounds as she embraced him. He held her as close to him as he could. Wisps of her hair teased him as they fluttered in the wind and mischievously brushed against his face.

Epicureans that they both were, they decided to dine at the Thai restaurant a few miles away. They drove to the restaurant in her car. His eyes never once left her, throughout the drive. They ate and shared tales at the dinner table. The date lasted a couple of hours. An agreeable meal and a hearty conversation later, she offered to drop him home.

Dark clouds had begun to flaunt their might. They roared in jubilance with an occasional flirtatious dazzle. The earth joyously bathed in the rain that followed.

They drove home as they marveled at the delicate romance that played out between the sky and the earth. They pulled into the parking space in front of his apartment building. They took the weather’s subtle hint. They looked at each other with eyes exuding passion. Their breath got as heavy as the earth. A surge of irrepressible desire washed them away. He pulled her toward himself, gently brushed aside her hair and kissed her under the ear ever so softly. Her body was overwhelmed with a sudden rush of hormones as she passionately clenched his hair and drew him closer. Her fragrance stimulated the last cell in his being and he was in a state of ecstasy. His lips tenderly explored her neck and shoulders as his hands folded into a sensual clasp of her waist. She breathed heavily as his lips moved from her neck to her cheek, and his hands slid up her waist to caress her tender bosom. He drew away his lips momentarily and then locked them with hers. They kissed in a state of bliss. Their lips remained in union for several minutes as their hands engaged in a lustful probe of each other’s bodies. A love-scented mist had settled on the windows and windshield as the raindrops naughtily trickled down the glass.

The kiss lasted several minutes and they wished it had lasted for all eternity. They smiled at each other and cuddled a bit.

“This is the best kiss ever. I had always dreamt of kissing in the rain,” she whispered into his ear.

He said nothing and replied with an endearing smile.

He then gave her a kiss on the forehead and uttered the three priceless words.

“I do too”, she admitted and wrapped her hands around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

After a few moments of intimacy, she unwillingly interrupted with a pout, “I hate to say this, but I have to go now. My sister must be waiting for me. I better leave soon.”

“Can’t you stay a little longer?”, he pleaded.

“No babu! I have to go. I might get a call any minute,” she replied as she played with his hair.

Noticing his displeasure, she fondly asked, “Smile no babu. I’ll see you tomorrow no?”

His face brightened up at the prospect of their next rendezvous.

They ended the night with one last passionate kiss.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

He then bade good-bye to her and walked to his apartment in a blissful trance. His thoughts had all narrowed down to her and the kiss and nothing else. He wore a wide silly smile on his face which his roommate readily construed as being affected by something immensely pleasurable and asked no more questions.

He walked straight to his room and flopped onto his bed thinking, “This is what a first kiss must feel like!” and slipped back into his dreamy trance.

Yes, this is how a first kiss feels like!

  1. Adithya says:

    Waah waah..gasp..Clap Clap Clap Sthit!

    Only the most experienced can write so well! 😛

    Ahem…ahem…Thanks! I’ll leave it to you to judge. 😀

  2. rads says:

    awww, so that’s how a first kiss is eh? 😛

    Good work. Nicely done 🙂

    Thank you! *bows 🙂 Your fables are the inspiration.

  3. maxdavinci says:

    damn! ok i’ll stay quite, but… but….

    I hate you!

    masterful wordplay though…

    PS: never in my dreams i’d think you’d write this!

    Me neither! I surprised myself! 🙂 Thanks, by the way!

  4. aditi says:


    u shud consider writing romantic novels…

    Thanks, but I think I’ll stop myself here.

  5. Ranga says:

    wow! you write very well. masterful wordplay and before you realise, the post is read! keep it up!!

    Thank you very much and welcome to my space! 🙂

  6. Sundeep says:

    Hey bro..u have written a very subtle article with great care..

    good work…one more good one to ur list..


    Thanks! Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  7. Prashanti says:

    very beautiful …..and so well written !!! can relate so very well to everything in this post. but u made me sad !! som just left from starkville and this post makes me miss him all the more 😦

    Thank you! It’s good to miss them sometimes, brings you even closer. You guys meet way too often unlike most long-distance couples. 😛 😀

  8. DWiner says:

    Awesome…very very well written! So smooth and gentle while maintaining the excitement! I just couldn’t stay away from commenting.

    Thank you! I’m glad my post obliged you to comment. 😛 It’s always nice to see new visitors! 🙂

  9. buddy says:

    experience speaks?
    romba azhagu…
    dint know u’d do this genre with such aplomb

    Nandri! Nandri! I didn’t know it either! 😛 😀

  10. Srikanth says:

    Amazing !!!
    Very subtle, and utterly romantic.
    Show it to a girl(if you already havent), and you will see the “results” instantly.

    I believe it may not have taken a lot to complete it, as much as it took to start.
    Once the start comes, ideas might have flowed.

    Just trying to construct a writer’s mind….

    Thanks, but I’m no writer, sir. This is inspired, not completely fictitious. And….ahem…ahem…many girls have already read it and the ‘results’ haven’t shown yet. Still waiting! 😛

  11. crakpot says:



  12. Chutney says:

    Mush Mush Mush!! 😀
    Experience a? experience only no? tell tell tell!

    Ahem..ahem… some questions are better answered in silence! 😛

  13. Mamatha says:

    Elegant prose, this. Coming here from Maami’s. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


    Thank you and you’re always welcome here! 🙂

  14. Tina says:

    you write was very well, nice to reading 🙂
    all the best for you and the lucky girl 😉

    Thanks! 🙂

  15. prashanti says:

    U say we meet way too often !!!!!! This is so bad !!! 😦

    I apologise! I meant no offence. I was just pulling your leg. :-/

  16. Vasumathi says:

    Awesome.. so easy to relate to and just so very wonderfully written! Many Congratulations..for the writeup! 🙂

    Ahem…Thanks and welcome to Sthitapragnya’s ashram! 😛 🙂

  17. Ashavaree says:

    Karthik!!! Awesome emoting, very tender, and very stimulating…all done in a very tasteful manner, I am sure you will force us to look back and live our own re-lives through your expression.

    I hereby proclaim you a “cunning-linguist”… 🙂

    Thank you, Thank you very much! And extra thanks for the title. 😛 😀

  18. NRI Maami says:

    Hm… good one.. Looks like someone has had or is having a brush with love?? All the best for that.
    And you too! Same stupid faces from maxdavinci’s blog showing up. I wonder if I will be green triangle face again!

    Thank you for visiting and for the wishes! 😛 And no, don’t worry, you are still the hep-nri-maami. You have been spared! 😀

  19. Srividya says:

    Haaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww kaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Wait wait … I’ll tell aunty 😀 😀 😀

    Yaaeeyyii!! Are you blackmailing me? Very mean I say! 😛

  20. Archana says:

    perfect wording…

    “Kiss” ecstasy ain’t it?

    Ahem….well…..yes! 😀

  21. padmajav says:

    Nice one! Is there a sequel?!

    I’m afraid not. But thanks anyway. 🙂

  22. haishadow says:



  23. srividya hari says:

    No words… It was just so wonderful that I cannot express in words. As everybody suggested, you should start writing some romantic stuff…. ufff…. that was a good one! Looks like your experience also counted to contribute into this wonderful post. 😉

    Well, thank you very much but, I guess I’m going to stop writing mushy stuff with this. This was just one off post. 🙂 Do come back though!

  24. Chutney says:

    I’m a sad triangle again?! Wtf!

    Punishment for asking me uncomfortable questions in public! 😛

  25. scudie says:

    starts well.. some masala in the middle.. a textbook ending.. the post feels like a indian masala romantic movie!

    Well, this is life! 😀

  26. srividya hari says:

    Sure would love to come back! I pretty much finished all of ur posts…. waiting for newer ones. 🙂

    🙂 Nice to have visitors like you, always!

  27. Ranjani says:

    That’s so sweet, I swear I can feel myself getting diabetes!!

    Thanks 🙂 and LOL @ diabetes!! Diabetes ho aapke dushman ko! 😀

  28. Sowmya says:

    Came here from IITG’s space and nice to read you.

    The post was a good read – and I see from comments here that this is your first in this genre – way too good man!


    Thank you very much and welcome here! 🙂

  29. Sundeep says:


    u seem to have good number of girl fans in comments section..

    sure this post got u more!

    Hehe….well…can u blame me? 😛

  30. nikhil says:

    Aaho ji Aaho !!! Tussi bahut vadiya likhriyasi.

    Sade naal rahkenaa tussi bahut kuch seekhliya hai.

    Manne yek gal dassu…tussi aisee post likhna nai oye.. aisee tho thaare saare raaz patha cheljaawangee…

    Ji changa! Gal pe gaur karaanga!

  31. buddy says:

    too much pa! post something else
    aur kitna footage khayega 😛

    😀 😀 Tu bas aise hi jalta reh! 😛

  32. crakpot says:

    Seriously….time for a new post!

    The effect of the ‘blissful’ kiss is dying out…

    Sorry, will post soon! I’ve been having a block! :-/

  33. Phoenix says:

    Got here from twisted-dna’s blog. And man what do you write?? This is the perfect narration. Anyway, you’ll make a good boyfriend 🙂

    Thank you, Thank you! 🙂

  34. Whacky says:

    OMG.. this post was awesome. It was so smooth and romantic it drove me directly to comment 😉

    It was really fun to have dropped here while blog hopping, you have got a nice space here,you can any call u are in a writers block 😉

    Thanks a lot, but I am having a block. I need to come up with something soon or I’ll lose all my readers. :-/

  35. Sravya says:

    Very well narrated.Quite romantic….

  36. Arun says:

    No sex?! Am disappointed.

    Ahem…..ahem….Sorry? 😛

  37. maami says:

    Is this what is called ‘kiss and tell’-you kiss, I tell your amma gaaru?Wot?
    p.s:has miss lucky lips read this yet?

    Aah! Everyone’s on a blackmailing spree! Cha….
    PS: Yes she has! 😛

  38. RukmaniRam says:

    clap clap clap!

    Thank you! *Bowing

  39. sruthi says:

    Sthitapragya talking about romance….. ahem… an oxymoron…. [:)]

    Should we lesser mortals be jealous? [:D]

    Well, he’s entitled to his share of worldly pleasures! Isn’t he? 😛 😀

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  41. Swaroop V TK says:



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