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Posted: October 27, 2008 in Pointless ramble
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Dear loyal readers! I now present to you, my quirky self in six ways. Rads, the empress blogger, has tagged me to write six quirky things about myself. This is no herculean task. I have enough quirks to fill a book. I shall brighten up this festive season with six of those multitude of quirks *rubbing hands in excitement.

(Ekam) When I see a square tiled floor, especially a floor tiled like a chessboard, I always walk in a knight’s pattern on the chessboard – in an ‘L’. If I set one foot on a square then my other foot would itch to step two squares forward and one square to the right or left, or two squares to the right or left and one square forward, both moves depend on the first step. This is a quirk nurtured on purpose. Don’t ask why. It’s a quirk, remember?

(Rendu) I am an avid dreamer. I don’t need to sleep to dream. I dream as I walk and tend to bump into things or people, trip over, laugh out loud, talk to self, sing like I’m all alone in the world. I have a fancy world of my own. I lead a more idealistic life in that world, where I am the most coveted Carnatic musician ever. I play 75 (I’m just being modest with this number here) instruments and I boast proficiency in every style of music one could conceive of. I speak, read and write 35 (or was it more? aah, this modesty is killing me!) languages with the fluency of a learned native. I am the most unassuming person in spite of all the superhuman qualities I possess. All the women want me. Aahh! The dream! I live there. I also have a middle-earthish sort of world of which I am the undisputed emperor!

(Theen) Consequently, my incessant dreaming has made me superlatively forgetful too! I must be conferred the honorary title of ‘Bhulakkad Shiromani’ or ‘Matimarupu Chakravarthy’. There could be no one more deserving! There are tons of instances I could testify with. Once, my roommate and I were busy cleaning our apartment and were moving things around so we could get to every nook and corner and clean them spotless. We were gently moving the TV, along with its rickety roller-stand when I heard a knock on the door. My roomie, poor chap, was still pulling at it from the other side when I, in a momentary lapse of conscious reasoning, let go of it to get the door and……CCCRRRRAAAASSSHHHHH!! The TV jumped off the stand and fell to the ground, screen-first. So much for our cleaning session! I didn’t realize it was falling until it struck the ground. My roommate just stood there and glowered at me in contemptuous amazement, hands akimbo. From the look on his face, I feared he might lift the shattered TV and crash it on my head again, as I sheepishly smiled and bit my fist. There! Do you need a more classic example?

(Quatre) I am now coming to terms with it, but for a really long time, I loathed the colour ‘Red’. Anything close to being the shade of a tomato or blood would be shun-worthy to me. I hated it so much, that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if there were a red nightlight. I hated red coloured cars. I never owned a single piece of red coloured clothing, not even undergarments! I would hesitate to eat ketchup. I avoided looking at the traffic signals for too long. I wouldn’t go more than three-four feet closer to a person wearing red coloured clothes. I was crazy about this girl in my class in engg. who was supposed to be MCing along with me for a freshers’ party. Blissfully unaware of my hatred for red, she said she was going to surprise me that day in a ‘new sari’. I couldn’t wait to see her in her ‘new sari’! I was so looking forward to sharing the stage with her when, to my utter horror, that morning she showed up in a red sari. I was heart-broken. I couldn’t even get myself to look at her and savor the eye-candy that she was. Although I did share the stage with her as I had fancied, I actually avoided looking at her because every time I tried to ignore the ruthlessly impedimental ‘red sari’ and look at her, it would show itself in all its glory. I kicked myself later when all my friends said she looked mesmerizing. That should pretty much sum up my hatred for the colour. Although now I’ve begun to smother my abhorrence and accept the natural optical aberration called ‘red’, I still freak out when I see red lights!

(Hamza) I have an obsession for multiples of 3 and 9. Every number I see, be it a license plate, a bus number, telephone number, price tag, anything, I tend to add up all the digits to check for its divisibility by 3 or 9. If it’s not, I feel this urge to change that number into the nearest multiple of either 3 or 9. Even when I drive, I consciously make an effort to drive at a speed that is divisible by 3 or 9. Also, I hate prime numbers (except 3, of course!). Is this a pathological condition?

(Six) I hate Cricket!

I’m more than sure, the sixth quirk will invite a storm of virtual tomatoes and eggs along with questions being raised as to my allegiance to India! Some might even go to the extent of calling me a traitor! But let it be known to all those mere mortals who choose to rebuke my hatred for cricket, that my love for India is stronger than your love that you flaunt under the pretext of patriotism, for the utterly uninteresting game. I’m willing to give a fitting reply to anyone who dares question my Indianness.

There! My six quirks.

With this, I would like to tag some of my fellow bloggers – buddy, BR, Chutney, Nandini, Srividya Angara, Confounded lady. Two others have already been tagged. So guys! Go all quirky!

PS: ‘Ekam’ is Sanskrit for 1, ‘Rendu’ is Telugu for 2, ‘Theen’ is Hindi/Urdu for 3, ‘Quatre’ is French for 4, ‘Hamza’ is Arabic for 5.




Sarvejanaa Sukhinobhavantu! Sarvejanaa ‘Quirk’iyobhavantu!

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  1. rads says:

    hahahaha, lovely quirks. Laughable too.
    Cha, lady in red and you missed it eh?

    I LOVE red 😛
    Creative numbering 🙂

    Yes, I did miss it! I mean, not the MCing part but the drooling over her part! 😦 But now, I’m beginning to like the colour red. I recently bought myself a red T-shirt! Wasn’t as freaky as I thought. And thank you!
    Meeku Deepavali Shubhakankshalu!

  2. buddy says:

    1. the numbers dude..nice…y the explanations at the end? kinda spoiled the show
    2. red undergarments??? ??? !!! ???
    3. muhahahahahaha
    4. u tagged me…jhingalala-dances in glee
    (alas the things i become happy for)
    5. Happy Diwali
    6. I do the 3 thing too sometimes…not pathological..definitely normal
    7. nice post, had me chuckling

    1. Well, perhaps you’re right! I should have left them for my readers to interpret.
    2. Err….don’t they make ’em? I thought if they made red shirts and pants, they made red everything. :-/
    3. muhahahahahaha
    4. Don’t just dance, you idiot! Take up the tag.
    5. Unakku Deepavali Nalvaazhtugal tambi! (I hope I got that right!) 🙂
    6. mmm…we are long lost brothers from Anantapur. Waiting to read your quirks dude!
    7. Thanks. *tickle, tickle. 😀

  3. Prashanti says:

    hey kartik …nice post …can totally identify with u .I do some stuff like tht too…..everytime i go up a staircase I have to count the number of steps…bad u always seem to have disasters with girls….the one atbullwinkles nd nw the red saree….heheheh

    I guess, everyone is quirky in some way. And, a correction! Not a disaster always. I only tend to write about the disasters and not the successes because they provide for more humour. 🙂
    BTW, Deepavali Shubhakankshalu!

  4. maxdavinci says:

    now this one is gonna be longer than the post! I louw readin bout the ppl you dont name coz I always knwo the otherside of these stories!

    I like counting tiles like the horse movie till they hit the wall, n change directions again. Wall gazing is so much fun! hundreds of patterns possible..

    I day dream a lot but not arty things like you mentioned, those are things that me n buddy are very good at!

    u hate red? every image in my head of you frm cool is with you sporting a naamam. Ypu are a shaivaite disguised as a vaishnavite!

    comin to Ms.Red-saree, damn wasn’t she a darling? Pics from that day were circulated in our class as well!

    Women in red turn me on! Speaking of which, I wish you have a northie wedding witht eh laal-shaadi-ka-joda! That way we sure know how that story will end! me turned on and you turned off! Dost ke liye kuch bhi!

    I know all you bookworms and alternate hobbyists hate ckt. My guess is that you guys took up these alternate hobby’s coz u sucked at it! It was more the hate for ckt than the love for the alternate hobby!

    personal opinion, so flame me!

    a. O Please! You don’t know squat!
    b. That’s why you are anna, I am your tambi! I love wall gazing too. I love making ‘A’ and ‘Swastika’ patterns (I understand if you want to call me a Nazi! 😛 ).
    c. I know, that is all you’re capable of dreaming! Grow up, anna!
    d. Well, if you’ve failed to notice, my naamams were always a little darker, they were never made of pure Sri Churnam. I bought Sri Churnam for the first time when I went to Sri Rangam, a month before I flew to the US. I am a Sri Ranganatha and Sri Kalahasteeshwara bhakta. My bhakti is unflinching. You can put me under either category.
    e. You’re damn right she was! But how did you guys end up with the pictures? Come to think of it, one source is possible, if you know who I’m referring to.
    f. Don’t worry, I am now beginning to like red a lot. So, I’ll buy my bride the laal-shaadi-ka-joda myself. Your services are not required in any capacity whatsoever. Thank you very much. Go hang yourself!
    g. Yea, whatever. Bottomline is, I hate cricket.
    h. BTW, ‘deepaavaLi nalvAzhtugaL’! 🙂

  5. Adithya says:

    LOL @ multiples of 3…too much man!

    You got to MC with the most beautiful girl in college and you threw that away? Ahem…am not gonna say anything!

    Hey, don’t judge me! I jumped at the opportunity and looked forward to it until she showed up in that one unsightly colour I despised! Damn it! I did MC with her in the end and enjoyed it every bit, you see, except for the red sari! The colour was just too visually jarring to me.
    BTW, Happy Deepavali!

  6. Nandini says:

    Red undergarments are ewwww

    And what is this, Max and you holding private convo in the blog and all. Too much.

    Will do tag as next post 🙂 Thanks!

    I know. eeewwwww! And no private conversaion. It’s just a fitting reply to all the ridiculous questions he asked! And finally thanks a lot! 🙂

  7. chutney says:

    Very super tag! and i can see we are like minded weirdos when it comes to dreaming part 😀
    Thanks for the tag, will get down to work 🙂

    I am weird and I am proud of it! Hail all weirdos! God Bless! 😉 And thanks! 🙂

  8. Srividya Hari says:

    hello andi

    mee quirky tag chadivi bhale navvukunnanu. mee ekam and rendu naaku kuda unnave. theen lodi half naadi like day dreaming varaku!!! hmmm red hatred bhale narrate chesaru. good one.

    Thanks andi Srividya garu! Andarilonu ilanti vidduralu boldu untayanukunta. Anyway, welcome to the blog! 🙂

  9. Pavan says:

    I kinda share the cricket quirk, now 9 more to form our own team..

    Welcome to the ‘C – word Haters Club’! I know a couple more of my friends who would gladly join us! We are getting stronger! 😉

  10. Sundeep says:

    I can identify myself in almost all..except for ur 4th(red).On the 5th I have an obsession for 9 and not 3…

    I always thought I might be the only one…in all the aspects u have talked the blog..

    thanks & good to know that there are many others like us!

    aah! There we have our quirky Sundeep! 😛 Of course my friend, no one is alone in this world! Not even weirdos! 😉

  11. Prashanti says:

    ohhh you have has successes as well huh !!!! MUST talk about them next time we meet in tally …

    Ahem…..Ok! Sure! 😀

  12. Ahh good one! Was laughing all through and could see my innately weird ways in some, especially the dream quirk!
    Keep writing, loved your blog

    I guess everyone’s a dreamer! So, that makes dreaming a trait, rather than a quirk! 😉 And Thank You! 🙂

  13. crakpot says:

    nice post…i dream a lot too, and i am currently working on changing that!

    red…louwely color! i wud love to have a room with red walls too!

    red girl pe drooling – better luck next time 🙂

    and how can u hate cricket? i love it..of course this yr there have been way too many matches…but its still fun to drool over the cricketers 🙂

    Why should you change yourself? There’s nothing wrong in dreaming. And red walls? Don’t ever invite me to your place, please! BTW, you know the ‘red girl’.
    Well, I don’t watch cricket because they don’t show the cricketers’ wives and girlfriends on screen. There, one more reason not to watch the game! 😉 😀

  14. Ranjani says:

    this was a total riot to read:)

    That’s my quirky self, for you! 🙂

  15. Liberal says:

    Nicely written…am afraid to open the can of worms of my quirks! but shall try soon enough! as for the square tiled knight are soooo not alone!

    Aah! Thanks for joining the ‘Knight’walkers Club! 😛 😀

  16. Vats says:

    C’on now…..dun’t blame the “red saree” for your misadventure……hv you forgotten “Chei vesina……blah blah” 😉

    O! Go to hell! X-(

  17. Srividya says:

    Kaks … LoL. Good one man … can so nicely identify with the fantasy world thingy 😀 Aaah … if I had a rupee for every fantastic dream of mine … I’d be R-I-C-H.

    I could afford to pay off India’s debts ‘and’ have a lot spare! 😛 😉

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