While I Wait For A Quirk…

Posted: October 9, 2008 in random, Uncategorized
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I’ve been waiting for the usual quirk that would prompt me to pen something worth my readers’ time, but the block seems perpetual. I am still under its spell. The deadly sin, sloth, is also to blame for it. I shall go all out to try and vanquish this deadly foe, but then it’s a catch-22 situation on which I am not going to dwell, right now. By now, as many of you may have established beyond doubt, I am reasonably beyond redemption in being indolent. I’m as lazy as a 200 year old giant tortoise! I don’t know when I’ll be writing a sensible post again (not that all my posts make perfect sense anyway, but nevertheless). While I wait for that quirk of sensibility, I shall shoot the breeze with some pure nonsense.

A sinfully boring desi gathering at an auditorium, with the usual ear-shattering gab about all kinds of nonsense. Amidst the din, I felt the need to relieve myself. A sprint to the public restroom was what i needed. I made it to the restroom and got to work. I was almost done when a guy walked into the restroom and his 2-3 yr old daughter came toddling behind him. She playfully jumped into her dad’s arms and he took her into one of the closeted lavs. I heard the little girl hum her own tunes and rattle away to glory as she relieved herself. I was washing my hands when all of a sudden, I heard the girl scream from inside, “Appa, wash your ass! Appa, wash your ass!“. It was clear, she wasn’t quite conversant with the usage of the proper possessive adjective. She was three, for God’s sakes! The dad, embarrassed, growled at her in Tamil which I think meant ‘Shut up’. I snorted in sheer amusement at the girl’s screams and left.

What amazed me the most was that the little girl didn’t know how to use ‘my’ and ‘yours’ in their right places, but expanded her vocabulary to the word ‘ass’! Kids these days!

I shall ponder over kids’ adeptness at learning indecent words while I wait for my damn quirk, which seems ever-elusive! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!

  1. budd says:

    yay! first one to comment 🙂
    waiting for proper big post though

    Patience, my friend, patience! All in good time! 🙂

  2. padmajav says:

    LOL!! This post is really funny!!! I don’t think you need to worry about the block!

    Are you tacitly suggesting that I write nonsense well? I’ll take that as a compliment. 😛

  3. Sudneep says:

    arey…manchiga financial crisis meeda koncham research chesi good article rayacchu kada…

    i think its time for u to explore and exhibit ur skills in the financial/political arena too…

    what say?

    and such articles go on DEADLINES…

    so think me and ur friends as ur BOSS(es) and submit a nice article in a quick time frame….

    Well, thank you for the suggestion, but I do that in class all the time, reports, analysis, deadlines – the whole jazz! Here, I’m just venting, rambling and sometimes talking sense – a welcome relief from the stress of deadlines. I’ll still consider your idea though. 🙂

  4. Sudneep says:

    and such articles….accompanied by a nice cartoon ( drawing skills also required 😉 ) will make a perfect combination…

    u can write something about Global INTER-DEPENDENCE that exists in the society..and how each country’s financial pillars are falling with this inter-dependence..

    global interdependence is something very good..but has to be well managed…

    i got inspired by one of the speeches by Mr.Bill Clinton about this stuff at my univ…look at this website for more info… (i think u can also watch a video of it )…http://ome.ksu.edu/lectures/landon/past.html check in the 2007 year section…

    I’ll watch it. There seem to be many more such interesting lectures by other biggies as well. I’ll watch a few of them and write on them. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  5. maxdavinci says:

    over the fone I did agree wid you. But now that I think of it, if the dad was in there maybe he was relieving himslef as well!

    so it actually might be apt!

    Chee! With the girl still inside? O my God! Think again, dude!

  6. rads says:

    OMG! Really? Frankly stitha, this whole act about taking teh girl into the stall disgusts me. Especially as the kid is talking coherent sentences and understand what an ‘as” means!!

    At that age, you have GOT to do the right thing and go to separate gender restrooms. If it’s the kid who wants to go, sure, but for the guy to take the girl in?!

    Geez! I guess am the only one looking at the bigger picture and not the word “ass” all are focused on. 😐
    Sorry am not being a sport,but once you become a parent, certain scenarios just lose their humor.

    Well, the girl was three or two, for all you know. I’ve heard of moms taking their toddler sons into the restroom all the time. So, I guess, there’s nothing wrong there. What bothered me was the girl’s vocabulary! Who could have taught her that word?

  7. rads says:

    ok wait, am confused.


    Chill! Don’t get so worked up on this!

  8. Adithya says:


    I wouldn’t dare argue with Rads on the above^^

    In Bombay, I went in the Ladies compartment with two of my aunts when I was 16 :p

    What!? Really? At 16? You naati baai!

  9. crakpot says:

    Are you sure the you was not meant for her dad himself?? Chee chee!!

    Anyways…post something else sooon…me is your biggest blog fan 🙂

    Come on! You too! How would you think he would relieve himself in front of the kid! Chee! Chee! Anyway, I shall not disappoint my very few loyal readers and shall post something soon! Thank you for the support. 🙂

  10. 2 or 3 year olds shouldn’t use the word ass, period! Indian parents sometimes forget that words like “shit” and “ass” aren’t polite and hence use ’em in front of their kids.

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Parents should be more cautious with their words. :/

  11. Chutney says:

    Indian parenting is most unique, no? 😛

    It is indeed!

  12. Vats says:

    arrrrggghhhh! Blame Southpark! 🙂

    No offense….I am still one of its most loyal fans!! 😀

    Well, I’m sure many desis aren’t even aware of a show called South Park. Hence, I don’t think South Park deserves flak on this, it’s just the parents’ negligence that is to blame.
    And with you being a fan of South Park, I can imagine how your kids will turn out to be! A bane! Do the world a favor and don’t ever have kids!

  13. I agree with Rads. Seems weird, frankly. I’d do a double take if a lady takes her young son to a Women’s restroom as well.

    @ Adi: Nee ippo kooda Ladies Compartment pora maadri irukku 😛

    Well, to each his own. I really don’t think the guy’s getting his daughter into the men’s room was a big deal. My only concern was her language.
    Let me guess what you wrote in Tamil to Adi – You still look like you travel in the Ladies compartment. Is that right? Well, if I am, then a biiig LOL @ Adi!! 😀 😀 😛

  14. Liberal says:

    You write very well…the cheerful vibrant look of your blog is a stark contrast to my morbid one, so it is really refreshing to read your stuff!

    Thank you and welcome to my blog! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  15. Vats says:

    Nah….. the South Park bit was just meant to be a metaphor for “Darn! Kids these days!”….but it’s a sad truth that all unmentionables…four letters or otherwise….are getting so pervasive in mainstream language..tht most people dunt even remember anymore they are meant to be offensive and unfit for even liberal everyday consumption.
    I am sure you agree! Hail B1!! 🙂

    Hell yea! You bet I agree! Parents need to mind their language when in front of kids. Period. Hail B0! 🙂

  16. maami says:

    Guilty as charged

    LOL! No comments! 😀

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