Dreadfully Boring

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Batuku jeevuda!!, Pointless ramble
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No courses, no ‘ass’ignments, no tests, no reporting to professor, internship getting postponed – Ha! This year’s summer term was a three month long sleep-fest. If you’re fishing around for the proper biological term, it’s ‘aestivation period’. For the most part, that was the activity I indulged in, as the sun ruthlessly scorched the sub-tropical landscapes of the ‘Sunshine State’. And thus, Florida sweltered! Compounding our woes was the dank, sweat-inducing air all around (Baaah!!). And yet, these were no deterrents to my will to crash dead anytime I pleased. Only other activity worth mentioning was, going to work (just to make ends meet). Ennui offered me a lackluster, drab ride through the summer and I was forced to hop on to it.

There was a very brief spell of fun, though. In mid-May, a jaunt to the West Coast bailed me out of boredom for about four days. I flew to the ‘Golden State’, California, for a reunion with college friends. Some of us met after a really long time. Makes me want to go back and never return! (I’m in a mood to sing now, so, here goes – Koi lauta de mere beete hue din, mere pyaare palchhin. Thanks to Kishore da!) It was like reliving the old days. It was four days of unbridled revelry. Beginning with the flight from Atlanta to SFO, and ending with the return flight. The late-night drive through downtown San Francisco, the hilly ride to Lake Tahoe, my first snowfall (in mid-summer! Yes! It was snowing in Tahoe!), camping out in the freeze (makes for a full length post. coming soon!), the drive to the Bay Area, the GGB*, the tour of the Silicon Valley, and most importantly, time spent with some of my best-friends – Unforgettable! Priceless four days ran by in a jiffy and I was back to rotting in my sinfully boring summer-life.

My spiritless summer lasted three loooooong months, only to culminate in the onset of a dreadful semester. Yes. Fall hath begun. Courses, assignments, papers, projects, tests – I’m to walk the whole nine yards again! Scary. But, even fear could not kill the perpetual boredom that is plaguing my life. I’m still bored, and freaked out at the same time! Not only because it’s a painful semester ahead, but also because this is my last semester and I have no job, as yet, to look forward to. It is a mad, mad world out there and I could get brutally stomped over if I’m not up to it. As I prepare myself for the eventualities of my imminent professional life (or not!), I twiddle thumbs and bite nails to kill time. My life is so dreadfully boring!

To lighten up the mood, here’s a peejay that I came up with – What does Rasam (charu, saaru) become, if you put more turmeric into it? Ans: ‘Haldi’er! (Hahahahaha…….Aal saars and maydums, Please laugh! I beg aaf you.)

Also, if I remember correctly, my physics teacher from +2 had a ‘sweet tooth’ which she could not get rid of!! 😛

* GGB – Golden Gate Bridge.

A few pictures from the unforgettable trip to California:

  1. maxdavinci says:

    1) I am not best frnd?
    2) socks with sandals, is sooooo gay!
    3) I know how u spent the nite in that tent!
    4) Really? I am not best frnd?
    5) That is fake snow! Just like himes ka chiness baal!
    6) want snow? come to detroit, I’ll show you how it feels to shovel 8 inches under your wheel!
    7) I cant believe I am not best frnd!

    *not talking*

    Slinking huh? Now who’s gay? Anyway, @ (1) – You are Anna! Need I say more? *scowl* @ (2). Mind yuvar laangwayz! Naansense! I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement there, raaascal!! I just wore them because I had no choice. My shoes were wet and it was cold. We weren’t prepared for the freezing temperatures. *strangling gesture* That was real snow and it was beautiful!! It was my first snowfall, so excitement justified! Useless fellow!

  2. Adithya says:

    Nice recap of summer! Pretty much similar summer I had. Internship, good inflow, good trips with friends. But the “reunion” trip just doesn’t happen. And same, last semester, job hunt and all that jazz.

    Dude, apparently, there is a recession looming large? Who knew! 😛 😀 I so LOL @ ppl when they talk about recession with all their emotions flowing.

    And yes, floaters with socks is so cool! Go hang, you maxu!

    Thank you. Finally, someone’s with me on the socks-with-sandals issue. Let’s go hang max! Raascal! And yea, the recession is what scares me the most dude! You might laugh now, but let me tell you, the picture is far from being pretty. I’m just trying to be prepared than be sorry later.

  3. Roman legionaries used to wear socks with sandals in Western Europe. May be that’s what got the French worked up enough to fight for once (thinking Asterix is based on recorded history.) lol

    The bay area is awesome. The funny thing is, after having lived here for 2 years, I haven’t seen 80% of what you’ve prob seen!

    I can safely defend my stance with a historical basis, that the Romans did wear socks with sandals (I have several Roman history based films to testify, apart from Asterix!)! 😛 May be max needs to ‘Get-a-fix’ for his mind!
    Yea, the Bay Area is spectacular. My friends & I are travel freaks, so that explains all the different places. But ironically, I saw the Charminar for the first time when I was 18, after having lived in Hyderabad all my life. So, I guess you’re better off than I am. (BTW, you CA drivers should learn to be more considerate and mindful of other drivers on the road. One 80 mile drive on I-80 was enough to teach me great lessons on driving in California! You should learn from us, Easterners! 😛 )

  4. buddy says:

    Ennui offered me a lackluster, drab ride through the summer and I was forced to hop on to it… wahhh..reeks of poetry! nice!

    come to Syracuse, ill show you real snow…Tahoe is jujupi [:P]

    PS: had a similar summer, but reunion was in buffalo wonly..sad

    Thanks! May be I should try a hand at poetry. 😛 Anyway, I’m probably going to Chicago in December, so I’ll get more than what I want to see. In all likelihood, I’ll grow sick of it. A reunion is still a reunion, whether in Buffalo or in Tahoe. Time spent with your friends is what matters the most. Only that we met at a better place. 😛 😉

  5. Crakpot says:

    This postreminded me of the song aanewala pal from golmaal.

    I am just going to have to agree with everything said in this post…even the pj is funny 🙂

    Lake Tahoe is beautiful and romantic…I was in a state of euphoria when i was there – nature can be so magical sometimes!

    The pictures are also nice…finally I got to see some 🙂

    And lastly about friends..I feel the same..the best days of my life were with my friends in school, and i’ll do anything to back to those days.

    This is one of my favorite quotes “each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” – Anais Niin

    Thanks a lot. And finally, someone noticed the peejay! 😉 Lake Tahoe is indeed beautiful, I wish I were there with you-know-who. Nice quote, btw!

  6. Chutney says:

    Looks like you had chaala fun 😀 And don’t listen to maxxu. socks n floaters are the next big thing. 😀

    Thank you. Looks like it’s many against one! Max, you had better give up! And yea, the California trip was amazing.

  7. Vats says:

    Awww!!! I so wish I was thr!! For the snow I meant 😉

    And did I hear Gay??? Well….a few ppl at college are still “testimony” to ..ahem…a certain history u hv had to be your calling….but tell Max…tht if he so badly wants the baton…its all his!! 😉

    @Max : Long time mahn…. and yea!! Neat choice!

    History? What history? If you accuse me further I will have to move court under susceptibility to defamatory meaning of comments and charge you for libel! Useless fellow! I hereby curse you that you shall never get to see snow in this lifetime or the next! X-(

  8. Vats says:

    and yes!! I almost forgot….I am with Max on this….Socks with Sandals is so very gay!!!!

    Go to hell, you and max! *seething with anger* X-(

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  10. kr says:

    Guessing you are done with your studies by now and happily settled somewhere out of the sunshine state. And are there any fingers left to work after all the nail biting and thumb twiddling ;-)?

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