Posted: July 2, 2008 in Nenu kavini kananna vanni kattito podusta..
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gham-e-zindagi ki dawa khuda karta hai

gham-e-dil ki dawa yaar karta hai

par ae humraaz, mujhe itna bataa

gham-e-rooh ki dawa kaun karta hai?

yeh tasweer-e-tasawwur jo tumne hai banaaee

ae aashiqon ke shehzaade, isme dikhti nahin sachchaaee

agar tum muhabbat par zara sa bhi aetbaar karte

tho apne aap ko kabhi kaafir na kehte.

Eight lines of spontaneity in response to a friend’s poignant post, in which he called himself a kaafir.  Please note that the first four lines are not in the same context as the last. The first four lines are the consequence of a lexical fit.

  1. Nikhil says:

    r ths 8 lines in sngl cntxt ??
    i guess thy’ll mke mor sense if u splt ’em up into 2… “chowpais” if u ‘ll…
    nywys ma prsnl fav is 2nd hlf..

  2. sthitapragnya says:

    they were supposed to be in the same context but they are not…..the second half is more relevant to the context in question..i wrote the first one in a fit of linguistic paroxysm…i just had to get it out….
    thanx a lot for reading it….

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  4. sthitapragnya says:

    thanx anna!!

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  6. Zephyr says:

    cool! it has a little robert frost touch to it.

    from link to link to link, and ended up here. and i’m glad i did. it is quite an amusing blog! what w/ the little sentences and tags you have in telugu (srilakshmi was awesome!), and the typical indian accented sentences. def put a smile on my face!

    u must write more often tho! 🙂 don’t let the kavi in you go for long hikes too often!

    Thank you! I’m glad someone noticed the sidebar! They’re mostly overlooked or people can’t read Telugu.

  7. kr says:

    I noticed the side bar too, very nice. I am not trying to stereotype (this word is still in my cache as I just read your previous posts) nor that I am into castes and all, but your Telugu sounds like you hail from a traditional Telugu brahmin family. Especially the title “Bratuku jeevuda”. Also noticed “thikka vedava” in your last post. LOL at the english translation of the same “dumwit, dunce”.

    Please don’t shoot me if you think I am too much to mention caste and all. I am sure you will delete it if you don’t like it 😉

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