Thinking of something cheerful…

Posted: June 23, 2008 in random
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After the grim post on the degenerate picture of Indian democracy, here I am wracking my head for something cheerful to write about. I don’t want to sound morose but honestly, I’m lost for words in describing beauty and anything beautiful the world has to offer. A brief foray into poetry and it wasn’t long before I realised I had failed MISERABLY!! And this forced me to give up poetry for good, a decision which, by the way, I’m sure is a blessing in disguise ‘coz you DO NOT want to read my poetry, if you have any shred of sanity left in you. I would describe my poetry as more of a slimy jumble of words – sometimes rhyming, sometimes not – tacitly hinting at something remotely sensible. Traditional poets typically have thoughts on a subject in mind and then they gently weave those thoughts into a beautiful garland of words, which we call poetry. As for me, I have the words clubbed with random, fleeting thoughts. I put these words together first, lest I should forget them, and then try to make sense out of them.  Great way to write poetry huh? It is like an untrained chef mixing random ingredients first and then trying to figure out what dish he is trying to prepare. You can imagine what that spells to a gourmet!! I know, some might argue saying, ‘that is how new recipes are born’, trying to draw an analogy, but I’m telling you, this is not (emphasized) how poetry is written. That would only be a brutalization of a beautiful language. So much for blithe moments!

WARNING – No requests for samples of my poetry will be entertained under any circumstances. Trust me!! I’m no Kalidas or Keats in the making!! It ain’t happenin’!!!

  1. kr says:

    Are you hinting that the readers should encourage you to write poems? LOL.

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